Planet where GNH hides

GNH Hidden Planet ,ISAACOP BOOK PAGE 2010


GNH Sir Gnh was the long term leader of the GNHH. He is notable for having the title "General National Hero" as a name, He also bear the title such as "The Man who touch God" and the "Scariest Living Man throughout Universe", Gnh was also a Prophet and a Author of the New Universal Law that the Great Creator gave to him. Gnh is also an Immortal with a little power that start on the day of  "Gloria,Gloria" and ended when he accomplish his problems on the end of GGA, Unfortunately after giving all his powers and his immortal life to the great creator, he was stabbed with a spear by a planned assassin and on that day Gnh die's at his own wishes. After 61 decades of so-called "Pax GNHH", The Great Creator revive Gnh on his coffin that start the new era that called NAE ,The Revived Gnh is most peaceful, gentle and humble .GNH is revived in total secrecy, He was told to be in secret, never say anything about his identity. Gnh then explored the GNHHTT to strengthen the morale of his comrades, When Gnh is done he went in different galaxies and different planets to teach who is the great creator and "the essential needs of living". Now Gnh explores the whole M-Region to preach the grand knowledge with his 3 new companion Florence, Denyuki, and Rafael. They we're all former GNHH Soldiers, and they were considered "The Great 4" of NAE.


Gnh (also identified only Sir, Person due to its name secrecy) was known to be a leader on a group of religious sect who studied bible in a secluded place in-, The group was persecuted by the group of nationalist leading to capture and incarceration of Gnh in the Golgotta Arctic Prison. Gnh then was released by the Prison Warden due to its sympathy of being innocent, While heading back home Gnh encountered many people from the outside of civilization he then started to write a documentation called- documenting the first interview upon the native lands of - outside -. Gnh then arrived in the- Peninsula when the rival nation of United Nationalist of- declared war against its neighboring nations including-, After 3 months of declaration of war, Gnh was at the capital when he heard his former member Philmore was now known to be the Leader of-

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